Good Espresso Coffee with Essse Caffe from Italy . Italy Espresso
Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans from Italy. Jakim Halal certified coffee beans. Guaranteed fresh, with money back guarantee. We are a Cafe supplier & distributor of Italian Coffee Beans from Italy (Coffee Beans Supplier in Malaysia). We carry Essse Caffe Coffee Beans , roasted coffee beans Arabica Coffee Beans & Robusta Coffee Beans. Mainly meant for Espresso based drinks. Directly imported.
Essse Caffe coffee beans halal certification , recognize by Jakim (Malaysia) , MUIS (Singapore) , MUIB (Brunei)Certified HALAL (JAKIM)

We pride ourself as to serve our customers one of the most authentic Italian coffee in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. What better way to accomplish that task by using Essse Caffe coffee beans fully roasted in Italy. That would ensure that drinking coffee at Hobby N Coffee is as close as drinking coffee in Italy.

Due to request from our customers we have started to offer coffee and barista classes to educate and teach everyone the wonders of coffee and how to prepare the best Italian coffee in the market.

If you ever happen to be around the area, do feel free to contact us and drop by to visit us to discover the wonders of Italy coffee. We believe in traditional and authenticity. Since Caffe Latte and Cappuccino originates from Italy it is our believe that Italy Coffee is the closest one can achieve to the most traditional and authentic coffee there is.

We also are the organizers and owners of `Kuala Lumpur Coffee Club`. As of 27th Nov 2020 we have 6,345 registered members on our club.
You can check out our club and read up more on it here at
*Warning: Due to MCO / Cov19 , the club activities have been paused, we are not sure when we will resume club activities and operations. We would like to apologize for any inconvience caused.

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